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At the University of California, Los Angeles (TA)

CS31 (S15) Introduction to Computer Science

CS144 (W15) Web Applications

CS170A (F14) Mathematical Models and Methods for CS

At the Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Guzmán

(2012-B) Simulación

(2012-B) Redes Neuronales


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WebGL Template

WebGL implementation using JSPs. This template uses the numeric.js library and other extensions to support drawing cubes, spheres, cylinders, prisms, dots, and paths. It also implements Phong shading for 3D bodies. Check the PHP template version now!
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OpenGL and GLSL 4.10 on Mac OSX Template

Xcode template code with all required libraries to run OpenGL and GLSL 4.10 on Mac OS X 10.9+.
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A physics-based simulation of a biomechanical model of an Araneous Diadematus specimen. The spider is able to walk by using ODE for dynamics emulation and OpenGL for rendering.
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Web service for disambiguating entities that are semantically and probabilistically correlated within a group of sentences. Our application utilizes Wikipedia (2013) to find out the right entities that appear in the text.
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Lisa - A Biomechanical Model of a Salamander

A physics-based simulation of a biomechanical model of a salamander, capable of walking and swimming. The system uses ODE for dynamics computation and OpenGL for rendering.
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Disambiguation of Named Entities in a Web List

System that yields the correct mapping for mentioned entities in a list by using optimization (simulated annealing). Our application utilizes Wikipedia (2012) as knowledge base to define the metrics and semantics used in the mapping process.
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2D Snow Simulation

2D physics-based simulation of snow by using the material point method. We emulate the mechanics, viscosity, and composition of snow as the latter is affected by external and internal forces. The system is developed in C++ and OpenGL.
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Face Classification and Generation

MATLAB application that uses Singular Value Decomposition and other image-processing machinery to classify male and female faces. Further statistical analysis allows to generate random faces given the intensity and geometry features extracted from the training set.
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A Symmetry-Seeking Model for 3D Object Reconstruction Using a Mesh of Particles

Our symmetry-seeking model allows construction of 3D objects from 2D input images, using a deformable tube made up of particles interconnected by damped-springs. This project is submitted as part of the CS269 Visual Modeling course at UCLA.
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Antarctica, Exploring the MAXSON Architecture

Simulation of an artificial ecosystem where virtual creatures learn to survive by eating food and avoiding poison, and to reproduce in order to maintain the continuity of their species. The agents emulate natural phenomena such as nuptial feeding and male brooding by resorting to a neural-based reinforcement learning.
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Auction Web Service

Web application that implements an auction website using Java, MySQL, Lucene, Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis2, JavaScript, and AJAX.
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Multi-Agent Simulation Using Continuum Crowds and the ClearPath Method

Crowd simulation where agent behavior resembles fluid motion. The displacement of agents depends on crowd densities at different locations in a discrete environment that represents a potential/velocity field.
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Darwinism, Lamarckism, and Knowledge Exchange among Animats

Simulation of an artificial ecosystem where animal-like creatures learn to survive from two evolutionary perspectives: Darwinism and Lamarckism. Agents have egocentric maps that allow them to acquire and share knowledge about the environment they live in.
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Spring Mass System

A simple spring mass, damped system simulating spheres bouncing off the ground.
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A 360-Degree Camera View of a Virtual World

A basic computer animation using (fixed-pipeline) OpenGL with textures and C++. This is project 2 of CS 164A: Introduction to Computer Graphics.
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Neural Model for Predicting Volcanic Events

Development of a neural network that prognosticates a volcanic eruption based on the input data and the historic information that was used as training set. This project fulfills the thesis requirement to acquire the degree of Bachelor's in Engineering.
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Drugstore Information System

Stock-management desktop application to control sales, purchases, and product reservations in a drugstore. Our system is written in Delphi and developed with the highest standards in software engineering.

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